“…we set our hearts at rest in His presence.”  1John 13:19b

A beautiful scene caught my attention. The small child cocked her head on her father’s shoulder, her small chest rising and falling in blissful slumber. Around her, people whooped and hollered for the home team. Some even said some words they shouldn’t within her range of hearing. Cowbells and horns rang out. She lay there oblivious to it all. Perfect peace etched into her dream-state smile. Safe in her daddy’s arms, nothing else mattered. A twinge of envy floated over me. I leaned into my friend’s shoulder and commented, “Ah, if only I could rest like that!”

The truth is, each of us can. We can crawl onto our Daddy’s shoulder and close our eyes, assured that He will comfort, protect and carry us through whatever life throws our way. Our Father in Heaven loves us so dearly that He sent His Son to stretch His arms upon the cross and bridge the gap between us and Him, allowing us who believe in Jesus to come into His presence as His beloved children.

However, God knows we must be the one to ask to be lifted into His mighty arms. Yet so often we seek comfort and rest in so many other things than His presence. We try music, alcohol, drugs, sex, earplugs, shopping, aromatherapy…. Prayer should not be our last resort.

Dear Father in Heaven. Forgive us when we turn to other means to seek rest and peace when deep down we know You are the Author of it. Help us to return to You in prayer and let us lean on You in total confidence that whatever happens, we can find our rest in You. Amen.

Take Action

If the chaotic world around you is edging, picture yourself as that sleeping child resting blissfully on Daddy’s shoulder. Tell your concerns to your Father. You can be confident that He will give you rest.

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