“He said to His disciples, ‘Why are you so afraid? Do you still have no faith?’” Mark 4:40

Being from North Texas, I am quite familiar with storms. I can recall many occasions when I was hunkered underneath a mattress, in a closet or bathroom, listening to the local radio weathermen report on the track of tornadoes in the area. When conditions are right, tornadoes can touch down without much warning. It is important to stay alert and safe.

When we experience storms in life, how do we tend to act? Do we fearfully take cover, waiting for the storm to pass and life to get back to normal? Does God give us another directive?

The disciples were terrified when they found themselves on a small boat in the middle of a great storm. Yet, Jesus was so calm, He was asleep. The disciples feared the worst. They reacted the way most level-headed people would. They were even appalled that Jesus was not as frightened as they were. His apparent lack of concern was troubling to them. So they woke Him up.

Jesus asked them a simple, yet profound question, ”Why are you so afraid?”

Jesus linked their fear with their lack of faith. If we ask ourselves the same question Jesus asked His disciples, we might come to a better understanding of ourselves and of our view of God. If He truly is all-powerful and loving toward us, then we can be at peace and trust Him to take care of us in the middle of the storms.

God, You command us many times in Your Word not to fear. Help us understand the root of our fears and help us see circumstances in the proper perspective. Amen.

Take Action

Do a search in your Bible on the phrase, “Do not fear.” Notice how many times throughout scripture God commands His people not to fear. Decide today that the next time you are tempted to be afraid, you are going to hang on God’s word instead of your fear. 

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