I love those days when everything falls into place. Items on my list checked-off, all tasks completed. The “lines fall in pleasant places” (Psalm 16:6). But sometimes, those pleasantly placed lines become blurred. It seems more like I’m swimming in a sea of frustration. I question my purpose and God’s plan.

When Joshua’s army began the conquest of Canaan, God promised to be with them. After only seven months of fighting, they’d subdued over 31 kings, securing enough land to begin the distribution to the twelve tribes. God was pleased with Joshua. He had followed all of God’s commands. The scripture above says Joshua “left nothing undone.” Yet there remained large tracts of land to be taken; battles yet to be fought; victories to be won. The tribes were given the task of fortifying their own borders. Not Joshua.

Joshua stayed in his lane throughout life, not burdening himself with jobs unassigned to him. He simply trusted God and followed what he told him to do.

I think that’s the key for us if we hope to live satisfied lives. When we yield to God’s will and do not let it be diluted with either our own agenda or others’ expectations, we can, like Joshua, experience rest. We trust God’s plan and do whatever he tells us to do.

When my weary soul gets a hold of that simple truth, everything else falls in line.

Father, thank you for giving each of us the opportunity to live meaningful, significant lives. May we find the satisfaction of doing what you tell us to do — nothing more and nothing less. And may we trust you to bring that plan to completion. Amen.

Go Deeper — Read Joshua 11 and consider all God can do through obedient vessels who trust Him and His timing. Then commit your plans to him and watch him work through you!

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