Imagine the impossible — walking after a spinal cord injury when doctors said you'd never walk again. An ultrasound that, after showing cancer returned, months later is completely clear. A sex and alcohol addict who gets clean without rehab. These are real people who faced the impossible but experienced the miraculous.

The first person is my older sister. The second is my good friend's sister. The third person is me. As a result of Christ's brutal and violent death on the Cross and His subsequent resurrection, He made a provision for our healing. His great love for us took Him to the depths of darkness, making possible the unthinkably wonderful in our lives.

While these stories speak of Christ's healing power, the length of each journey toward restoration differed. Though my deliverance from addictions was immediate, it took several decades for healing to take place in my heart and to live life free from the powerful spirit of rejection.

Though Jesus’ body was bloodied, beaten, and dead, today's Scripture points to the unfathomable gift the resurrected Christ promises us when facing impossibilities in our lives: the gift and provision of His healing power.

As believers, the corporate body of Christ, we have the security of Christ's death and resurrection as our healing, restoration, and hope of eternal life with Him. May we remain in a posture of humble gratitude at His ultimate sacrifice for us — for sustaining mortal wounds, that we would be healed in spirit and even in body.

Heavenly Father, thank you for sending your only Son to die for me. I am forever grateful that He loved me so much to take such a brutal punishment upon Himself so that I may be healed of the impossible. Thank you for your gift of salvation and the hope of eternal life. Amen.

Go Deeper — Meditate on today's verse, letting the reality of this great gift sink deeply into your spirit. His scars are your healing. Live in the freedom of His boundless love today.

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