There was no rain in sight and the massive Ark stood on dry land. I think Noah is a great example of faith and perseverance! He was instructed by God to build an Ark that took him over 60 years to build while facing years of ridicule.

Did Noah question or have times of silence from God? It doesn’t say, but Genesis 7:5 says Noah did all that the LORD commanded him.”

Would I have stuck it out receiving mockery from friends and family? Will I continue to trust God and persevere even when it seems God is silent? My prayer is that I continue to build my life-ark with the proper gear—one being perseverance.

God never fails and he always keeps his promises. With that hope, I can trust him to help me even when it doesn’t feel like he is there. The Holy Spirit empowers us to obey God and persevere, like Noah.

When I see seven colors of the crayon box sprayed across the heavens in the form of a rainbow, I know God is saying to me, “Persevere child. I am here!” God may seem silent, not answering you right now, but have hope in God's Word that he hasn’t forgotten you.

God of the universe, I thank you that you keep your promises and that you send rainbows as confirmation of your promise. Help me to be like Noah as I persevere in my daily walk knowing that you are in control. Give me your courage to face each and every day as I follow your leading. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Today's Challenge: What is the pressing issue before you that you need perseverance for? Look back on the rainbow moments in your life where you saw God come through in his timing. Thank him for his faithfulness. Then tell him you're choosing to trust him to fill you with strength for the challenge you're facing right now.

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Photo Credit: Roman Aguilla on Unsplash