When we tell stories, we often start at the beginning. 

Once upon a time… or Long, long ago…

Think about your own story, specifically your journey with God. How did you come to know Jesus? You may be able to identify a moment or time in your life when you began to notice God’s transforming power at work. What’s amazing is that as long as you are still alive, there isn’t an end to your story. God will continue to work.

I’d like to share Mailyn’s story with you. She’s a sister-in-Christ whose story has led her across international borders multiple times! Mailyn is from Australia. She’s lived in Canada with her Canadian husband and served as a missionary in India. After a few years of serving there and moving back to Canada, she realized that God had bigger plans for her and her family. 

Mailyn decided to join our ministry, P2C Digital Strategies, as an online mentor. And since the beginning of the year, she has received hundreds of messages from women across India, searching for hope and someone to talk to. Just a few months ago, she helped lead Aditha, a young Hindu woman, to faith in Christ! Aditha is now studying the Gospel of John with Mailyn using our mentoring service, one passage at a time, and is asking all kinds of questions about who God is.

Mailyn never would have dreamed that God would use her in this way to reach people in India. With plans to move back there, she hopes to better help new believers transition from online discipleship to personal participation in a local church. Though with COVID, this is not possible now, we are praying that God will continue to grow the relationships Mailyn has built. Although it’s all done online, this mentoring program is an excellent way of demonstrating God’s love to people in concrete ways.

What about your story? How might God use you in unexpected ways and stretch your faith? I invite you to consider a few ways: • Share this encouraging story with someone • Become an online missionaryFuel this ministry financiallyPray with us for specific requestsConsider working with us

Don’t underestimate the power of the Holy Spirit at work in your life. God has given you gifts and passions that he can use to accomplish great things in your life and for his Kingdom!

Holy Spirit, thank you because you won’t stop making me more like Jesus until he returns. Use me for your glory today. Let me experience your goodness and peace. Use me to help people know you. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

Throughout This Day: Consider your own story, the journey God has brought you on thus far. Ask him to show you where he might lead you next and how he can use your personal story to share the gospel with those around you. 

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Photo Credit: Illustration by Kristy McCormack