Being a writer means facing rejection; a reality I only grasped after finishing my first book. God called me into writing in 2009. It began with blogging and I loved the entire creative process. In early 2019, God prompted me to write my memoir. I was petrified of exposing damaging periods of my life to the world.

Yet, God faithfully provided what I needed to complete the first draft in two and a half months. My awe at the swift completion gave way to unexpected naivety about the editing process. Constructive criticism about my work had me falling to pieces when my editor wanted to make even small changes. I was incapable of dissecting my emotions from the multiple revisions.

After the third draft, I toughened up enough to face the next step of finding a publisher to take on my intensely personal project. Again, I was ill-prepared for the harshness of the industry. Several rejections became dozens and my initial enthusiasm descended into heartbreak. But, in spite of being cast off, I believed God had a fixed purpose for the crushing ‘no's'.

In time, God reminded me that even Christ was rejected by man and, whether my book sprouts wings and draws success or not, my thoughts need to remain focussed on the truth that I am fully accepted by Jesus.

As believers, we will be rejected by those who despise us because we follow Jesus. In those moments, let us stay strong and never forget our unconditional acceptance lies in Jesus — the only fact that matters.

Father God, thank you for your son, Jesus, and his full acceptance of me when I am facing the world's rejection. Keep my mind focused on the importance that this truth ultimately matters above all else. Thank you, Jesus. Amen.

Throughout This Day: Rejoice in the unconditional love and acceptance that is yours in Christ, and seek to offer it to each person you meet.

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