No sin? Not even a barb under Jesus’ breath toward his accusers? Or a profane shout out against the brutal injustice he faced? Nothing. Only quiet humility, possible only of a Savior. I wish I was without verbal sin when it came to opposition or persecution, but I don't even come close.

That's why we have the example of Jesus to look to as a higher standard for living. While we may fall short with our mouths because of certain attitudes we've adopted, Christ's time on earth revealed the true desperation of our human condition. Through his earthly experiences, Jesus came to know and understand our struggles, setting the bar on how we should conduct ourselves so that we obtain real peace.

Remaining calmly confident when under attack isn't always easy, and sometimes our efforts go off the rails even when we give a situation our best effort. Being human means being imperfect. It is only by trusting in the indwelling power of the Spirit that we can begin to follow Christ's example and hope to become like him.

Whenever we face hardships or relational difficulties, may we ask the Spirit to make us aware of what we are about to say and empower us to leave things unsaid when that is his will.

Do you find it challenging to trust God as your Defender? Do you find yourself fighting back words you really want to say in defense of your position? I pray you would look to Jesus in those times and opt for quiet humility in the Spirit's power.

Father God, sometimes it's hard for me to keep my mouth shut when I feel slighted by others or face persecution. But I know that it's your way of allowing an opportunity for me to be like Jesus. Fill me with your Spirit so that I overcome the temptation to lash out at others and, instead, shine as a light for others to see. It's in Jesus' name I pray. Amen.

Today's Challenge: Jesus did not lie about who he was in order to escape the cross. He remained true to who he was, but without seeking to prove his identity. Today, in all situations, invite the Spirit to enable you to calmly and lovingly affirm truth, as Jesus did, without feeling the need to prove it.

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Photo Credit: Lola Hipp on Unsplash