Are you sometimes ashamed to be aligned with truth when those around you are caught in the political correctness trap? I would say welcome to the 21 st century, but being afraid to speak truth — especially truth that may jeopardize our social standing — has been around for centuries. Jesus, the way, truth, and life, stands in sharp contrast to all things politically correct. In the ninth chapter of John, Jesus spits on the ground, stirs up a little mud, and puts it on a blind man’s eyes. He then instructs the man to go wash it off. When he does, this blind beggar can see.

This did not go over well with the religious authorities. The Pharisees refused to even believe the man had been blind since birth, so they hunted down his parents and began an inquisition. Rather than being thrilled over their son’s healing, they cowered. They didn’t want to get thrown out of the synagogue. But as for the man, no PC police could stop him! In fact, his courage grew the more he spoke the truth. He even chided the Pharisees for their obstinacy. So what if he was ostracized from the Temple? He could see and he new Who made that possible!

Friend, beware of political correctness. It miscarries the truth. It feeds cowardice. Choose to align yourself with courageous believers in every century who care more about God’s approval than people’s. You don’t want to stand red-faced on judgment day. Neither do I.

Jesus, we pray for courage to speak the truth. Help us not to want man’s approval more than yours. Help us to be bold! Amen.


If gaining the approval of others is what often drives you, take that aspect of your heart to Jesus today and ask Him to transform you.

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Photo Credit: Teddy Kelley