Many families can identify their legacy. Often careers like teaching, medicine or law enforcement are continued by children. For example, on my paternal grandparents’ side of the family, five out of six of the grandchildren are teachers (and one married a teacher.)

Destructive patterns can also be passed down from generation to generation, like addiction, abuse and depression. Unless a deliberate effort is taken to stop these, the destruction can continue indefinitely.

As I look at my family history, the one trait that continues to surface is fear. I had an aunt who was full of fear at the thought of her grown daughter leaving her side. My grandmother had a mystery illness for the last ten years of her life that had all of the indicators of anxiety and depression. I see insecurity and attempts to control every aspect of life in more than one family member. And it would be easy for me to give in to that same pattern.

However, I want to change that. I want to live a life of freedom, trusting in the Lord my God. I want to stand on His promises that He is with me and He also goes before me. Scripture records hundreds of times when God tells His people not to fear, but rather to trust in Him. By God’s grace I can create a new legacy of faith and trust for those who come after me.

Prayer: Father, thank you for helping me see the patterns of family dysfunction and show me the path forward to create a new legacy.

For Today: Begin journaling about traits that you see in your family. If there is any destructive pattern, pray for God’s Spirit to lead you in breaking the bonds of sin. Consider talking to a pastor or counselor.

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Photo Credit: Big Potato on Unsplash