I still remember when my mom brought home three different colors of the same material for my two sisters and me when we were growing up. My mom wanted to make dresses for us. I asked her why she bought the same material instead of different ones. Her answer was, “I have no favorites.”

I asked her what she meant. My mom explained that she decided to get the same material so the girls could choose the color they wanted, yet no one would think she had a favorite daughter because all the dresses would cost the same. Fair enough.

Likewise, God has no favorites. Yes, sometimes we may question that fact when we don’t understand things that happen here on earth. Yet, we need to remember that the arms of the God of heaven and earth are wide open to everyone who comes to him. He’ll listen if they cry out.

Even so, one day He will evaluate our work. There won’t be any bias. Even if it appears things are sometimes unfair here on earth, we‘ll get equal, wonderful treatment in heaven as believers in Christ. For that reason, we should strive to do our best — not to win His favor, since we are saved by grace, but out of gratitude, in His Spirit's strength.

Our first motive for obeying God should be our love for Him. We should honor Him in every way and every day. There are rewards for our faithfulness waiting in heaven, thanks to Jesus' working in us and through us all because He is the God who loves us equally and shows no favoritism.

Father God, thank you for saving me by grace and not by my works. Give me the grace to be all you have called me to be and to do through your Spirit's indwelling power. Grant me the desire and ability to live righteously during my temporary stay on earth. In Jesus' name, Amen.

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Photo Credit: Jens Johnsson