When was the last time you heard news that brought you joy? It seems to occur so rarely these days, particularly if by news you are thinking of the news media. If you are like me, you have most likely stopped watching the dinner hour news cast on TV because it’s either too depressing or you aren’t sure whether it’s true.

Think about the shepherds back in the time of Jesus when they received the glorious message from the angel one miraculous night. The angel told them to have peace and not be afraid. Is there anything in your life that can match that kind of news? No doubt you have been overjoyed at times when events seem to go your way, as if the stars have suddenly aligned in your favor. Unfortunately, that temporary joy never lasts.

The good news announced to the shepherds was not only life changing for them, it was life changing for all humanity – past, present and future. The angel’s news of Jesus’ imminent birth was the best news ever. With that one act, God stepped into history and offered everyone a way to experience lasting joy, everlasting joy in fact.

May you experience that joy this season, and every season in your life.

Heavenly Father, thank you that, at just the right time, you sent your Son to earth to provide a way of salvation for everyone who chooses to accept it. Amen.

Go Deeper – If you have experienced the Good News of Jesus’ birth yourself, will you tell someone this Christmas season? This really is too good to keep to yourself!

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Photo Credit: Grant Ritchie