Do you find it difficult to share your faith? For many believers, witnessing brings unwelcome anxiety and even verbal paralysis. Years ago, as a new believer, I cringed when someone suggested I reach out through evangelism. I considered myself completely inadequate to share my faith. My self-inflicted apprehension plagued me with relentless doubt and disdain ― always thinking my words would be lost in translation.

In Acts 1:1-9, prior to ascending into Heaven, Jesus reiterates His promise of sending the Holy Spirit to empower believers to be His witnesses. What power is Jesus promising? This power’s true definition is often lost in the translation. According to Strong’s Concordance, the original Greek word for power is dunamis. Strong’s defines dunamis “as strength, ability, and power ― inherent power that a person or thing exerts and puts forth.” Dunamis is the root word for dynamite ― explosive power. Equipped with the Holy Spirit’s explosive power, Jesus emphatically assures us that we will definitively be effective witnesses.

Do you rely on the Spirit’s prompting and power? For years, I witnessed in my own power and ability ― fearful that I would fall flat. As I matured, I realized that Jesus calls us to witness, regardless of personal perception or people’s responses. In the big picture, witnessing is a multi-person process of sowing, cultivating, and reaping.

As recipients of His promise, through intimate communion with His Spirit, He empowers us to be His witnesses. We are living spiritual conduits ― inspired to confidently, sensitively, and lovingly witness in our homes, communities, and cities. Through His Spirit, our seemingly inadequate words are never lost in translation.

Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for the privilege of being your witness. Empower me, through the Holy Spirit, to confidently, sensitively, and lovingly share my faith within my sphere of influence. Prepare the hearts of those you have called me to reach. Equip me to be a faithful laborer, sowing and cultivating until you inevitably reap the harvest. Amen.

Go Deeper ― In prayer, ask the Lord to give you the names of people within your sphere of influence. Write their names down, pray for them, and ask the Lord to open opportunities for you to share your story with them. Here are 20 Conversation Starters to help you.

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Photo Credit: Nick Tong