When I first moved to Canada from the United States, I had no clue how my English sounded to my new friends and coworkers. People often stopped me, mid-conversation and questioned, “Where are you from?” Certain words and phrases identified me as being different.

I came to realize that my English sounded “out of place” in Canada, in somewhat the same way that obscenity, foolish talk, and coarse joking is “improper English” for a Christian.

There are 2 different cultures in our world: Christian and non-Christian. Sometimes their languages sound almost the same, but the reality is that Christians should sound different from the world around them! Christians can easily seem to lose their sense of allegiance to Christ’s kingdom in the way that they speak, if they are not careful.

My words matter! They identify me, whether I realize it or not. And what Paul seems to be saying is that ultimately my speech comes from who I am. If I am an idolater (one who worships someone besides God, even myself) harboring immorality, impurity or greed in my heart, my words will eventually betray me, and perhaps lead others to question “where I’m from”.

What does your speech say about you? Do you sound like a true citizen of Christ’s kingdom? With a thankful heart towards your King let your words reflect your citizenship!

Father, I am sorry that my words have not reflected my true citizenship. Please help me to change how I talk, so that it is clear to those who hear me that you are my King and that I belong to Christ’s kingdom.

Throughout This Day: Is Christ your King? Search your heart, and make a decision today to make him your King for the first time, surrendering your citizenship with the world for God’s Kingdom. Or perhaps you have already made Christ your King at some point in your life, and need to restore him to the throne, allowing his power to influence the way that you talk.

Tags: Daily Devotional Ephesians 5
Photo Credit: Aaron Lee on Unsplash