“Together and breaking bread in their homes, they received their food with glad and generous hearts.” Acts 2:46

One day in her mid-80s my mother was at her church’s help center. A young mother came and asked if they had some blankets. Finding none in the storeroom, Mom hurried home and returned with several blankets from her own closet. Thirty minutes later she went to be with the Lord forever. The last thing she did in this world was to give away things she would never need again.

“What a great last day,” I thought. How special!  So, I put the story in a letter to Mom’s friends. I received back dozens of similar stories. I discovered that Mom was constantly being generous in all kinds of ways. That’s just who she was.

Later I realized Mom had just taught me her last lesson. Would you like to be generous on your last day? No problem. Just be generous every day, and the last day takes care of itself.

The first believers, our verse says, shared their meals with glad and generous hearts. Joyless giving of token gifts is not the spirit of Christmas. The most valued gifts come from glad hearts that release blessing to others with generosity and joy.

Jesus, we are told, endured the cross for the joy set before him. Do you want to have a fantastic Christmas? Ask God to give you a glad and generous heart and let that lead you to share what you have with others. Do that every day and it will become the signature of your life.

Lord Jesus, grant to me a glad and generous heart, today and every day. Amen.


Do you have something of value that the Lord would prompt you to give away this Christmas? This season especially, is a time to share with gladness and joy!

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