How does God determine someone's life span? Why does God allow some to die when their lives have barely begun?

I was only 12 when my youngest brother was put on life support. While I pleaded with God to make him well, I also prayed that God should do what was best. My brother passed away a few hours later. For years, I thought it was my fault that he died because I had told God that he could take him.

Some of us live in fear of death. We don't know when the phone will ring and someone we love will be snatched away from us. Sometimes we live in denial of the reality that our lives on earth will end in physical death, guaranteed.

God holds our lives in his hands. He knew our days before we were born. He has a plan for each and every life - whether it's long or short, healthy or in pain. We have the choice to make our lives count for him. You and I can receive each day as a gift and live as though it were our last.

What will we do differently today?

Lord, I thank you that today I live because you have given me breath. I ask Lord that you would help me to live each day knowing that it is a gift you have given me that I can extend to others. You have a call and a purpose for my life. Someday, I will be with you. Until that day, help me to live my life with the purpose and significance that you call me to. Thank you for this day, amen.

Throughout this Day: Take a few minutes to assess your priorities. What are the first 10 that come to mind? Prayerfully order them from 1 to 10 to reflect how you want to live significantly for Jesus. Offer the list to God and ask for his strength to live by those Kingdom priorities starting right now.

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Photo Credit: Michelle Wookey on Unsplash