An overriding theme throughout my life has been struggle, even suffering, when I never wanted them. It was as if fighting and clawing my way into or out of a situation always proved monumental when it wasn't meant to be. My emotions within each circumstance would ebb and flow constantly; depression one day would be anger, the next.

Yet, in the background of the catastrophic play I was living out, something, or more appropriately, someone, was lifting me from the ashes of every disastrous deed I got into. I didn’t get it then and it wasn’t unusual for me to respond with disbelief or irritation. Quite the legacy, isn't it?

If I were to retell every unsettling detail of every daunting time in my life, it wouldn't come off as heroic or worthy of passing on – at the surface. However, if you dug deep, going past all the mistakes, hardships and failures, you'd find treasure that took thirty-five years to locate. It wasn't an outsider who needed to see my value, it was me.

When I became a Christian, I began to understand that God desired I would realize what he already knew, that I was valuable to him. I also learned that my life was to be a resounding glorification of God's salvation gift to me – both on the mountaintop and in the valley.

Whether emotional, physical or medical, the Lord has been with me. He has shown his presence and care when no one else did. He has rescued me in ways no one could. When unbearable pain came, he gave me the perseverance to endure in a way that can only be described as miraculous.

My Jesus never withdrew his gaze, wandered off or got impatient. The power of his name and the strength of his presence let me know I would become strong enough to overcome even the worst of what I was suffering.

That's how I know I can get through anything as long as I have Jesus. Even if the moments leading up to my departure from earth are excruciating, I want people to know that it's the power of Christ enabling me to bear the worst until the very end. It's not me who possesses the might to see a trial through, it is Jesus in me. He is the strength behind everything I'm able to do and I can't wait to be with him in glory.

Having Christ in and through you means having everything you need to face the trials in this life. No matter what's ahead, Christ will see me through, bring help along the way from others and empower my victorious living. The same is true for you.

Oh precious Jesus, I want my life to be a song unto you. A melody praising you for all the ways you have blessed my life in every situation. Thank you that I can do all things because of the strength you give me. I pray this in your powerful name, Amen.

Throughout This Day: Whether today's Scripture resonates deeply with you or not, it is Jesus's absolute truth for you. With Christ, the impossible becomes possible. Praise him!

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Photo Credit: Big Potato on Unsplash