Aged and weary, time continued to pass for Simeon as he longed for the coming of the consolation of Israel, the promised Messiah. Yet another day of devout service drifted by while the peace he desired escaped him. The promise that consoled him lay in the revelation that he should not see death before he had seen the Lord’s Christ.

While he was led by the Spirit into the temple, a sense of expectation overwhelmed him. He wondered, will it be today that I shall finally see the Messiah? The shuffling of feet, the cooing of a pair of turtledoves and two young pigeons, and the whimpering of an infant held lovingly against his mother’s breast abruptly interrupted his thoughts.

Peering around the corner, he caught his first glimpse of the baby nestled in swaddling cloths. Afraid to hope, but unable to stifle his enthusiasm, he eagerly approached the young child.

Simeon’s patient waiting had brought him to this moment of unshakable confidence in a Sovereign God keeps His promises. Simeon’s face radiated with unspeakable joy as he then blessed Joseph and Mary.

I’ve often pondered what it must have been like to have been Simeon gazing into the face of Christ. Then I realized I have. Not in a literal physical sense, but with the eyes of faith at the time of my salvation. As has each person that has accepted Jesus as their Savior.

May we celebrate that salvation anew as we celebrate the birth of Christ.

Father, let me be like Simeon and never lose hope in your promises. Let me also regain the joy I experienced when I first sought out your Son face to face and asked Him into my life. Amen.

Go Deeper — Share your salvation experience with a friend or co-worker. Invite them to accept Christ as their own personal savior this Christmas season. If they are a Christian, invite them to share their salvation experience with you.

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Photo Credit: Agnes Liinnea