In the story referenced in 1 Kings 17, we find Elijah being sent by God to a widow of Zarephath. Upon arriving, he asks for a drink of water. As she proceeds to get the drink, he asks her to make him a small cake also. The woman hesitated because she only had enough food for herself and her son. Carefully considering what the Prophet said about God multiplying her resources, she obeyed his instructions. The scripture goes on to tell us that God performed a miracle for her household because of her willingness to sacrifice.

What does God require of you today? Are you being prompted to give more of your time or resources right now? We never know the impact of the small seeds sown in the lives of others until we answer the call to sacrifice. Maybe you have been pondering what you can do to be a blessing to others? If so consider becoming an online mentor. Every day we encounter a hurting world in need of a kind word or a listening ear. Your sacrifice of time, or of a financial gift to help fund those that are already mentoring can change lives.

My challenge to you today is to pay attention to the call to action God is giving you in your life. Just as we see in the story above, let obedience follow your call to sacrifice.

Father, thank you for a giving heart. Everyday there are opportunities for us to give of our time, our resources, or of ourselves. May we be obedient to your still small voice and the opportunities you present to serve others. In Jesus name we pray, Amen.

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Photo Credit: Elaine Casap