During the recent pandemic, a dear friend of mine did something rather unusual. A wiz at sewing, she normally makes prayer quilts for hospice patients and the elderly as a ministry. But during the lockdown, she switched gears. She made cloth masks, but with a distinct difference. Hers had clear plastic in the front, so deaf people could still read the lips of their family members and the teachers who wore them. She saw a need and knew she could fill it with her talents.

Jesus saw people’s needs and helped them. Then once their plight was eased, their hearts were open to the salvation and the love he offered.

We all can find a way to help others. That is what being a disciple is all about. It is following Jesus’ example and spreading the Gospel's message that God loves us and wants to be with us. This is conveyed by our actions, and if necessary, words.

We may think the little things we do, such as smiling at a frenzied clerk, or waving to the widow sitting alone on her porch, has no effect. But God can take our acts of kindness, big and small, and use them to bring people to want to know him.

If you see someone in need, reach out in love. Find ways to ease their pain, hold their hand, or just listen without judgement. Let your attitudes and actions reflect Christ's working in your life.

Be willing to be Jesus to them and let God do the rest.

Lord God, please show me how you can use me. Help me be the disciple you want me to be as I read your Word and follow your Son’s example, seeing to others’ needs and then, when prompted, sharing that I do this because of the way your amazing, forgiving love has influenced my life. I pray this in Jesus’ name, my Lord and example. Amen.

Go Deeper — Spend some quiet time today praying this prayer. Ask God to show you the ways you show others his love through your attitudes and actions. Then open your imagination to his response.

Tags: Daily Devotional Psalm 51
Photo Credit: Clem Onojeghuo