Today we celebrate Jesus’ Ascension.

I’ve heard others talk about a tough situation as being a hard mountain they must climb. But I’ve also heard of, and experienced, a few “mountain-top experiences” at religious conferences and retreats. Unfortunately, they are only emotional “highs” that don’t last.

I have never physically climbed a mountain, but I have seen enough videos to know it helps to have a sturdy rope and some metal stakes to anchor in the rock. And when people reach the top, they usually whoop with joy at the view and the accomplishment.

Life can be like a mountain that we constantly climb. In fact, it may seem most of our lives are an “uphill battle”. But at the top is heaven. Moses met God on Mount Sinai to receive laws for living on earth (Exodus 19). Jesus was gloriously transformed on a mountain (Matthew 17:1-12) and also crucified on one called Calvary so he could provide a path to God once he ascended into heaven.

Now we have an eternal rope and a stake. If we cling to God’s Word and let the Holy Spirit anchor us in the solid rock, Jesus, then we can make this climb. And when we get to the top, won’t we all whoop with joy? We’ll gaze back down and see the path was the best one we could travel. We will also never have to go back down and experience any of the struggle ever again. Instead we will join the joyful assembly kneeling at the feet of the throne of God.

So get climbing. The view will be worth it.

Dear Father, when I get weary of this mountain climb, remind me again that I have Jesus to cling to and your Holy Spirit to anchor me. Give me the courage, strength and stamina to keep going until that day when I will rest joyfully in your presence on the mountain top. Amen.

Go Deeper — Watch a video or read an article on mountain climbing. Relate it to your life. Do you need more rope or deeper stakes in the rock in order to make your climb easier?

Read Further — If you are barely hanging on or are at the end of your rope in this climb called life, here is a good story of how one person clung to God during a difficult time. After you read it, consider reaching out to one of our free, confidential mentors to talk about the mountain you are climbing right now.

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Photo Credit: Robert Baker