“Care about them as much as you care about yourselves and think the same way that Christ Jesus thought.” Philippians 2:4-5(CEV)

Status, materialism and tunnel vision invade our society. If we get dissatisfied with our marriage, we divorce. If we don’t like the co-worker in the next cubicle, we look for another job. If the church we’re attending isn’t meeting our needs, we search elsewhere. It is easy to say, “I deserve better”.

Jesus puts life in perfect perspective. Born in the lowliest of places, leaving the glory of heaven, He spent years living the opposite of the “selfie” generation. Jesus always had time for the unwanted and unloved, the sick and blind, the poor and rich. He cared for every human being. 

Paul tells us to care for others like we care for ourselves. Think like Jesus thought. It means trying to show kindness to the annoying neighbor, the co-worker who rubs you the wrong way, and your spouse who seems distant.  

Life won’t be perfect, but reaching out and thinking and caring for others will put a new twist on life’s perspective. When we ask Jesus to help us care for others, we can trust that the Holy Spirit will begin to work in and through us. Pondering like Jesus did will help us be less angry and frustrated. It will no doubt help us with people in our lives who test our patience. 

2015 has arrived. With a new year comes a new opportunity to learn how to live like Jesus. Let Him invade your heart by caring and thinking more like He did. 

Wonderful Savior, thank You for being selfless. We are grateful for your example on how to live life. Bless us with Your strength and wisdom in every aspect of our lives so we can reflect Your Name. In Your Name, Amen.

Take Action

This week, think of a way to care for someone who you rub shoulders with. Ask Jesus Christ to also mold your thinking in a decision you are facing. In all that you say and do, remember two important words: care and think, and allow Jesus’ attitude to change yours.

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