Christmas events can sometimes give rise to relational conflict that mars the peace of the season. Conflict often reflects unmet needs.

No one likes to be thought of as needy. It’s easier to think of others as needy; but can you identify where you might be needy? Recall the last conflict you encountered. Could there be a need that remains unmet in your heart? Sometimes the unmet need is easy to remedy, such as the need for sleep.

Often it is deeper. The need to feel loved, valued and heard, or the need to be accepted or respected, can cause resistance from a wounded heart. Control and manipulation can stem from an angry heart, or a need to forgive others or one’s self.

When you see potential conflict ahead, stop and look honestly at yourself. G-R-O-W in love through conflict.

Give God the opportunity to reveal any unmet need that may be at the root of this conflict. Be open to seeing your need and to praying for the needs of another. It will help dissolve tension.

Recognize that God is the only one who can meet all your needs.

Open your heart to God for His help. Let Him be the source for any unmet need in your life. Consider asking someone to pray for you in this.

Walk beside another in their unmet needs asking God to be their source in meeting the needs of their soul.

Invite Jesus into your tensions this Christmas and let His loving peace overrule.

Father God, please bring your peace into my Christmas celebrations. Where relationships are frayed help me see my part stemming from any unmet needs I have. May I look to you to be the source for all my needs. In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.

Go Deeper — Think about any potentially strained relationships in your circle this Christmas. Ask the Lord to show you your part and any unmet needs you may need to invite Jesus into for healing.

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Photo Credit: Jean Lakosnyk