I looked my friend in the eyes, and realized that we would eventually hurt each other. It’s inevitable when two sinful humans are in a relationship. My heart was telling me to protect myself from such an outcome. To step back, to not engage, to not allow closeness or vulnerability. And yet, I chose to step forward; to share what was going on in my life and heart; to listen and empathize and spend time with my friend.

We got very close. And you know what? We eventually did hurt each other pretty badly through miscommunication and pride and an end to the friendship. It still hurts, quite a while later. But I don’t regret it because love is worth it.

It blows my mind to see Jesus do this. He did so with Judas, the friend who betrayed him, leading to Jesus’ death on the cross. Jesus knew the choices that Judas would make. He knew the outcome, and Jesus knew the pain. Yet Jesus chose to love Judas anyway, welcoming Judas into his inner circle and serving him.

Jesus does this with us. As sinful humans, we don’t simply disappoint him. It breaks his heart to see us hurt ourselves and each other. It pains him when our sin separates us from him. Yet still, he pursues and he loves. Because he says love is worth it. He says you are worth it.

As I enter new friendships, my heart is hesitant. I’ve been hurt badly before, and I never want to go through that pain again, despite its inevitability in human relationships. Yet here I am, looking another friend in the eyes, deciding to move forward again with a soft heart, because close relationships are one way we get to grow. And you know what? It is worth it. This week, I was blessed and inspired by the friends who came alongside me with truth, comfort, love, compassion, and laughter. Through those relationships, I’ve gotten to see Jesus reflected.

Vulnerability with humans is a way we get to know God more.

Jesus, I want to know you more. I want to grow. Thank you for the people that you have put in my life to love and be loved by. Thank you that you never give up on us even when we hurt you.

Throughout This Day: Reflect on God's oversight of the smallest details of Jesus’ life, and of yours, including relationships that bring a measure of joy and suffering.

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Photo Credit: Dave Hoefler on Unsplash