Nehemiah knew better than to be sad in the king’s presence, but he couldn’t help but feel sorrow because of the consequences of his people’s sins — the destruction of Jerusalem. Nehemiah knew that revealing his sorrow could be a death sentence, so he prayed to God. Instead of worrying about the severe consequences, Nehemiah trusted that God would take care of the matter.

Nehemiah’s sorrow may seem like a small matter to us. After all, he was alive, well, and working for the king. There was nothing to worry over. But to God, it was important. After Nehemiah prayed to God and boldly told the king what he wanted, the king granted his request.

Nehemiah had to trust that God would care for him in that moment, and also throughout the entire process of rebuilding Jerusalem. There were many who opposed him and his work, even sending death threats! Even so, he chose to continue to rebuild, trusting that God would carry him through despite the danger. He lived to tell the tale. His trust and dependence on God is recorded throughout the book of Nehemiah in the Bible.

God doesn’t call us to trust Him once and then assume everything will be okay. He calls us to constantly trust in Him and rely on Him throughout our lives. It’s a daily act of faith — a willingness to believe that God will carry us through despite our circumstances. When we take that first leap of faith, we experience God's blessing on our journey.

Dear Lord, help me to take on the attitude of Nehemiah and learn to trust You on a daily basis, believing that you will get me through this situation. Let me never lose sight of you and waver. Amen.

Go Deeper ― Don’t just say you’ll trust God. Let your actions prove it. When you’re nervous about the future, pray to God. Immerse yourself in His Word, depending on Him to help you.

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Photo Credit: Steven Van Loy