It's not often we find someone that is so committed to what they were called to do that they hold no regard for their own life. We can learn a lot from the Apostle Paul. I admire the tenacity he showed in carrying out whatever he was assigned to do.

He originally went by the Hebrew name of Saul and dedicated his life on earth to the cause of imprisoning and killing Christians. He believed without a shadow of doubt that he was called for that purpose. Upon meeting Jesus on the way to Damascus, his new life, an eternally blessed one, began to take form. He went from Saul to Paul. He went from a killer of Christians to becoming a Christian, and then to converting others to follow Christ.

After his encounter with the Christ, Paul quickly realized that nothing else mattered but doing the will of the Father. What about you? Are you willing to walk away from what you have known all your life in order to walk in a new direction? Are you willing to forsake your own dreams to serve the cause of Christ?

Just as Paul had to make a decision about whom to serve, we will also have to choose whom we will serve both now and for eternity. I urge you today to run your race with this ultimate goal in mind ― to testify of God's love and grace, which is available to all humanity. Run your race today full tilt. Live for eternity.

Father, thank you for the examples you gave us to follow in your Word. May we not take for granted the love you have for us and those who will come to know you through us. May we walk in a manner that will draw others to your amazing grace. In Jesus' name, amen.

Go deeper ― Take a moment and reflect on the journey you are on currently. Are you following the plan and the purposes that God has called you to? Further reading: Twists and Turns on Route to Discovering My Calling.

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Photo Credit: Nick Tong