To our American readers: Happy Independence Day!

As powerful as little things can be, it’s amazing how we tend to take them for granted. From the trenches of war, upon receiving a supply of provisions, CS Lewis wrote: “such little attentions are infinitely cheering when one is dull, lonely and disappointed.” In an environment with few pleasures, Lewis appreciated the smallest act of kindness. Little things can sometimes move mountains of dullness, loneliness, and disappointment, can’t they?

They also empower us to accomplish more than we think possible. As governor of Jerusalem, Zerubbabel was given the daunting task of rebuilding the once resplendent Temple. Nothing was going right. He faced growing opposition from Israel’s enemies, lethargy from his people, and a cartload of physical inconveniences. But before giving up completely, God sent Zechariah with the encouraging word not to despise the small beginnings of the project. Yes, the task was great, but God’s own Spirit would help him complete the job. Zerubbabel learned to let the small beginnings be a source of encouragement, not discouragement. You can read the whole chapter from Zechariah here.

Sounds a bit like the mustard seed–sized faith Jesus told his disciples to have if they wanted to move mountains (Matthew 17:20). We sometimes forget the little things as soon as they happen. If we hope to overcome the inevitable challenges that come our way, we must start with an appreciation of the little things in life. Tiny becomes titanic when offered to God.

What can you thank God for today? Don’t forget the little things.

Thank you Lord for the way you want to bless us in all the little things. May our eyes be open to see them. Renew our appreciation for the many pleasures you bring our way. Amen.

Go Deeper ― Write down 10 “little pleasures” God has provided in your life and give Him thanks today.

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