“…while we wait for the blessed hope—the appearing of the glory of our great God and Savior, Jesus Christ…” Titus 2:13

Christmas sugar cookies sat cooling on the counter, wrapping paper was everywhere, and the Christmas concert has already started. December brings a crazy schedule and waiting is inevitable with line-ups everywhere we turn. Each day is like the old saying, Hurry up and Wait!

The Wise Men, from the Biblical account in Matthew 2, knew what it was to wait. Their research took them on a search for the Newborn King and knew it was worth months of hard travel! They understood that this King would affect the future of the world. Can you imagine the excitement as they knelt before the promised King while they laid before Him their most valued gifts?

We know Jesus’ arrival in a crude manger was to fulfill God’s promise of a Savior bringing eternal salvation for everyone. We celebrate His birth, but we also expectantly wait for when He returns again. We have the privilege, like the wise men, to celebrate His arrival but also have the opportunity to receive His free gift of Salvation and promised Hope as we wait His return.

This season, while we are all busy running to umpteen programs parties and waiting in lines, let us all rejoice in the hope of Christ’s glorious return.

Thank you Jesus for coming to earth in such a humble way providing a way for eternal salvation. Thank you for allowing us to celebrate in Your birth and enjoy it like the Wise Men did on the first Christmas. We wait in Hope for your glorious return. Amen.

Take Action

Read over the story of the Wise Men and place yourself in their shoes. During this busy Christmas season, take time to embrace God’s fulfillment not only for the Wise Men, but for us as we celebrate His birth and wait for the glorious return. 

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