I don’t like the dark. Probably the scariest time for me is when the power goes out and my house is plunged into darkness without even the assurance of street lights outside!

My husband and I have been watching a series on TV called “Alone”, where individuals are left by themselves on desolate beaches to survive for weeks. Nighttime is the worst for them, when wild animals prowl around their makeshift shelters. When I think about being left by myself, I think I would be able to handle the daytime, but the nights of pitch black with so many wild noises would be unbearable.

It’s hard to live in such a dark world, too, where so much evil lurks and frightens the innocent, not only at night but 24 hours a day! So much of our world is in a spiritual darkness that oppresses everyone in some way.

Whether your experience with darkness is deep and heavy, or comes and goes, Jesus came to bring light to your darkest nights! The shepherds experienced this bright light the night that Jesus was born. It would be symbolic of everything Jesus did to bring light during his lifetime on earth.

The best part of this wonderful message is that there are no power outages in the spiritual realm! Celebrate with me that there is no darkness that the light of Jesus cannot penetrate and conquer!

Father God, thank you for the light, which you created at the very beginning of life. I pray against the darkness in our world and ask that more people will see “a great light” this Advent season that will bring them hope. Amen.

Throughout this Day: Read John 1:4-9 which describes this light as coming from the life of Jesus, available to everyone. Like Jesus, we are also lights in the darkness, and especially during this Advent season, we need to let our lights shine! Ask God to show you how to be a light to each person you meet, pointing to Jesus as the true light.

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Photo Credit: Christmas on Unsplash