"To you O Lord, I lift up my soul, in you I trust, O my God…Remember, O Lord, your great mercy and love…according to your love remember me." Psalm 25:1,6-7

What a wonderful plea!  David knew God so well he could come before Him, trusting that God would keep His promise and provide mercy because He loved David so very much. Guess what? So can we.

The soul is the dwelling place of the Holy Spirit when we commit our lives to Christ. David lifts his soul up to God, offering God his most inner thoughts, his hands and feet, and his devotion. Why? Because he entrusts himself to God. He knows that if he puts God in control, God will protect him, teach him and guide him. He says so later in the Psalm. "May integrity and uprightness protect me because my hope is in you" (25:21).

If we have confessed our wrongdoings and asked for forgiveness before we have retired, then each morning our souls start off as an empty glass. What will fill it? Will we let God’s loving mercy and grace overflow it or will we fill it with the things of this world? Will we pour in anger, mistrust, hurt? What if, like a thirsty child, we rose up on tiptoes and handed God our glass to fill throughout the day? He’d pour out the frustrations and pain and refill it with His love and peace. God never forgets us. We need to remember, like David, to lift our souls and trust in our Lord who loves us dearly. After all, didn’t He lift Himself up out onto the cross out of love for us?

Dearest Lord, I pray that I may surrender a little more each day to Your use, and trust more and more in Your mercy and love — that I can lift up my glass for You to fill with Your presence. And, I pray that I can lift myself up as well to You every morning: forgiven, cleansed, and ready to be used. Amen.

Take Action

Place an empty cup or mug on your workstation or on a nearby counter today. Whenever you see it, lift your soul up to God so He can fill you with His goodness, mercy and love.

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