I balanced on the thin bar between the trees, fifteen feet off the ground, holding tightly to the rope. To get to the other side, I needed to grab the next rope. I needed to move forward. But to grab the next rope, I had to let go of the rope currently keeping me upright.

With enough momentum, it wouldn’t be an issue. But there would still be a brief moment of time when I wasn’t securely holding onto anything.

At the time, I was harnessed in and it didn’t matter if I fell. But in life right now, I don’t feel harnessed in. It’s time for me to grab onto the next rope, but it is a little terrifying to let go of the rope that has been safe and secure.

You know what I mean?

A few days ago, I was reading Mark, and today’s passage hit me. In this story, a blind beggar was calling out to Jesus. He wanted healing. And Jesus tells him to come to him. Jesus doesn’t say “come over here and I’ll heal you.” The healing came later, first the man had to go.

And go he did! He jumped up wholeheartedly. Not only that, but he threw the cloak aside. Why would a beggar throw aside a necessary material item? If I were in his shoes, I’d guard my possessions more carefully.

But the beggar had faith that Jesus would heal him. The beggar was focused more on the good to come than his current life.

We should be thankful for our current life. The good things God gives us — like cloaks — are not to be foolishly thrown away. But maybe sometimes we want to cling to them too tightly, and Jesus is waiting for us to let go so he can take us to the next step.

What is God calling you to step out in faith to do? Is there anything you need to let go of to do it?

Abba, thank you for the wonderful gifts you have given me in this season of life. For your provision and care. But help me focus more on you than the gifts. Help me be willing to surrender and obey wholeheartedly, without delay.

Song of Encouragement: Down in the Valley with My Savior

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Photo Credit: Anderson Schmig on Unsplash