"So the last will be first, and the first will be last." Matthew 20:16

I know some people (especially mothers) for whom sacrificing time and energy appears to be second nature. They give and give and don’t seem to mind coming in last.

I am not one of those people. I like my me-time. I crave space to do whatever I want, without being disturbed. But these days, that is a luxury. With four very active boys and a complicated blended family, I find myself coming in last not just sometimes, but as a way of life, and I’m slowly learning to be okay with that. By the grace of God, that is.

After all, that’s what I signed up for by getting married and having kids, and also, by the fact that I’m a Christian. Whether single or married, being a follower of Christ means we’ve volunteered to come in last.

Where does our significance lie? Is it in having a successful career and following our dreams and passions? While that is not insignificant, it doesn’t make us significant. We are each significant because we’ve been created, redeemed by Christ, and adopted into His family. That’s where our true worth is found.

And the most significant work, Jesus reminds us, is to serve others, even when it means we remain unseen or get no gratitude. With Jesus in the lead, we’re invited to the all-important work of daily looking to the needs of others before our own.

Jesus, I get fooled into thinking that my significance lies in accomplishments. Thank You that I am as valuable today in Your eyes as I’ll ever be. Give me grace to come in last, because then I’ll be doing work that is truly significant and will last eternally. Amen.

Take Action

 Today, ask for more grace to come in last and to be perfectly okay with it. The changes that occur in you and in others as a result of your sacrifice can last into eternity!