Would you live your life differently if you knew when you were going to die? How would you take care of the last things you needed to look after with the knowledge that death was imminent?

The last few chapters of Deuteronomy record Moses’ final days on earth. Although God had denied him the opportunity to enter Canaan along with the rest of the people of Israel, Moses didn’t let that fact prevent him from mentoring his successor and preparing Israel for what was to come.

Recently I listened to a podcast by Sam Harris entitled, “Making Sense of Death,” in which Sam interviews several individuals who acknowledge that an awareness of death helps us become more ”present” in our daily lives. The conversation with his guests ranged from preparing for death emotionally and reducing anxiety, to defining what constitutes a good life, to focusing on time management of our finite time on earth.

Although I found the podcast interesting, it was tragic that neither the guests nor the host himself offered anything remotely resembling hope. I found myself constantly thinking about how a lack of hope for a future after this earthly life is over would make the end so much more difficult.

Moses knew that the end was near but he had no fear. Rather, he recognized that the opportunity to bless others and leave a legacy that highlighted God’s faithfulness in his own life was something he couldn’t miss out on. Deuteronomy 32 records a lengthy song of worship written by Moses. In verse 4 he lays out his approach to life and God. “He is the Rock, his works are perfect, and all his ways are just. A faithful God who does no wrong, upright and just is he.”

Heavenly Father, I may not know when my last breath will occur but give me strength to live each day as though it may be my last. Give me joy as I anticipate seeing you face to face and give me wisdom to bless those around me.

Throughout this Day: Pray that God will give you his words to say in each conversation you have, living as though it might be your last day on earth.

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Photo Credit: Patrick Fore on Unsplash