"Praise the Lord, for he has shown me the wonders of his unfailing love." Psalm 31.21a  (NLT)

At this time of year, I find myself much more reflective and contemplative than I normally am.  Wanting my life to make a difference and hoping I’ve done a few things well in the year that has just vanished.  But more than that, I find myself this year with a longing deep in my soul to bring to light all the ways that God has met me.  His provision.  His Love. 

His kisses from heaven. Heaven’s grace: the simple gifts God uses to whisper to us, “You are loved, you are special.  You are Mine!”  These blessings often cloak themselves in the simple, the mundane but they are love gifts just the same.  We see them in a spectacular sunset, the warm touch of a friend, a loved one’s whisper, “God put you on my mind and I prayed for you today.”  Sometimes these kisses come in disguise.

I readily admit that some of the “kisses” I’ve experienced this year, haven’t always seemed like His whispers of love in my life; when my beloved son seemingly derailed his life with one poor decision, when a close friend had serious medical issues, when my precious sister was broken and hurting and I couldn’t be there to comfort her.  But I have seen God bring beauty from the ashes in ways I never dreamed possible and blessing upon blessing.  I have been overwhelmed by His love as I pause to look back.

Lord, I want to live with a heart of thanksgiving.  I want to have eyes wide open to glimpse the kisses you send my way and to live in the light of your love all through this year and in the years to come.  Amen.

Take Action

Take some time today to reflect on how you have been “kissed” this past year by God.  Begin a “God Book” and journal those God moments so that you’ll be able to reflect on God’s goodness when times get tough.

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