Music has always been a big part of my life. I love to listen to it, and play it whether on an electronic device or on an instrument. My wife and I, as high school sweethearts, met in the school band. She played first part and I played second. That seemed to bother me until I realized that it takes two parts and different instruments to make harmony — and without harmony, music can be very dull. Consider what life would be like if everyone had the same job or occupation.

Similarly, the physical body is in harmony. It is held together by every joint and muscle with which it is equipped. When each part is working properly, the body functions as our Creator intended. We have one of some parts, two of some and a multitude of others. All are necessary for the body to work.

There is a spiritual parallel here. God made each one of us differently. We make up one body in Christ, but each one of us God creates to have a different set of talents to do His mission. Some refer to these talents as spiritual gifts. We are all called to different missions in the spiritual realm. As Paul told the church in Corinth, some are called to be apostles, some prophets and some as pastors and teachers (1 Corinthians 12:28-29).

When each of us individually, and collectively, functions in the diverse unity for which we were created, we are serving in spiritual harmony — and it is sweet music to God’s ears.

Lord help me to realize how wonderfully made I am, distinct from any other person and may I learn to serve the body of Christ in harmony with other Christians. Amen.

Go Deeper — Try taking this spiritual inventory of the gifts. How might you work and serve in harmony with others who have been given different gifts?

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