It is God’s modus operandi… The thread running through redemption… The inevitable upshot of a selfless life… A fruit of the Spirit that yields an exponential harvest… Kindness.

Perhaps no other book in the Bible portrays it as clearly as the book of Ruth. Ruth exuded kindness toward her bereft mother-in-law when she left her own country in order to care for her. Not thinking of her own desires, Ruth subjected herself to the backbreaking work of gleaning enough grain in the fields to sustain them. She was even willing to place herself in the awkward position of asking their kinsman, Boaz, to marry her to ensure Naomi’s future. Such concern for another’s interest was not lost on Boaz.

Boaz recognized her kindness because he was no stranger to it in his own life. When Ruth worked in his fields, Boaz had instructed his workers to leave extra grain for her to gather. He was even willing to jeopardize his own inheritance in order to redeem Naomi’s property and marry Ruth. The ripple effect of their acts of kindness reached beyond their wildest dreams. They became the ancestors of the kindest man who ever lived — Jesus, the Savior of the world.

There’s nothing random about kindness because “random” implies a lack of direction or purpose. Acts of kindness are intentional decisions to go out of our way to help someone else. It packs a powerful punch. The kind of punch our world so desperately needs. The kind of punch you have to offer.

Go make a difference!

Father, thank you for showing us your kindness and for teaching us how to make a difference in the world through powerful, yet simple, acts of kindness. May we be quick to respond to your leading. Amen.

Go Deeper — Who can you intentionally show kindness to today? Will you make the decision to do that even if it is inconvenient or awkward, trusting that God will give you the ability to do so through his Spirit’s indwelling?

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