“Six days you shall labor and do all your work, but the seventh day is a Sabbath to the Lord your God.” Exodus 20:9–10

One of the biggest struggles in life is finding a balance between work and rest. Sometimes we find ourselves so consumed by achieving something that we drive ourselves into exhaustion – which can sometimes lead to illness or even broken relationships. At any point in this tricky dance, we may be experiencing pride in our achievements or guilt over our lack of success.

If we want to achieve a healthy balance, where should we go?

As Christians, we should go to the word of God.

Today’s passage reminds us that God created the Sabbath to help us have a healthy rhythm in life—a way to balance work and rest responsibly. When God rested on the seventh day, He modeled for us how we should function in His design. When we step out of this balance, we suffer the consequences in our health and relationships.

Work is good, but so is Sabbath. Choosing to live balanced really comes down to faith.

Do we trust that God knows how we will function best as human beings? Do we trust that following His rhythm for life will bring us the most joy? Or are we driven by anxiety over finances or the belief that 3-day weekends are the key to happiness?

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Father, I want to function as closely as possible to the way You designed me to function. Help me to discern what refreshes my soul, and to trust You when I feel anxious about doing too much or too little work. Thank You that in Christ I am forgiven for the ways I am out of balance. Amen.

Take Action

Think back over your calendar for the last month. Have you lived a balance between rest and work. If not, ask God for wisdom to adjust your priorities so you can step into His rhythm for life.

What are your thoughts about keeping Sabbath? Share a comment.

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