Not long ago someone made a comment that I looked just like my dad. Genetic resemblances can fluctuate from family to family but, in some cases, they are startling. Who hasn’t noticed those who look like siblings but are actually parent and child? Or seen siblings who are mistaken for twins when several years separate them?

When the author of Hebrews refers to Jesus being just like us, he is obviously not referring to his physical appearance. The theological term for what the author alludes to is the incarnation, a powerful concept that sits at the heart of Christianity. “Apart from the coming of the eternal Son, his taking on human nature and acting as our covenant representative, there is no hope for the world.” (Wellum1)

Hebrews presents an extended argument highlighting the superiority of Jesus over the old covenant with Israel focused on the Old Testament law. Jesus is presented as fulfilling or superseding God’s special relationship with his chosen people. Why was it “necessary” for him to embody human nature? In order for God’s requirement that no sin be left unatoned for, Jesus’ sinless life on earth served as a perfect sacrifice that would satisfy his Heavenly Father.

Although the incarnation is a profound truth, it is also amazing in its simplicity. God needed someone or something to take our place in order that we could be reconciled to him. Jesus provided that sacrifice willingly, humbly taking our place when we had no reason to expect it, nevermind to deserve it. Now we are adopted children of the God of the universe, and can come to him at any time as our loving Heavenly Father. Hallelujah, what a Savior.

Jesus, I can never begin to thank you enough for coming to this earth, living a perfect life, and giving your life for me and all of humanity.

Throughout This Day: Have a listen to the song, “O Praise the Name,” by Hillsong. You can watch the video performance here .

Sources 1Wellum, Stephen. “10 Things You Should Know About the Incarnation” The Gospel Coalition.

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