One might think that the God of Heaven and Earth would choose a place of some significance to be born. He could have been born in Rome, the center of political power. During His life He could have used the resources of the empire to spread His message. He could have been born to important people who could have helped Him rise to a place of prominence where He could have had the ear of kings. He could have traveled along Roman roads to reach thousands of people with the news that God had provided a way for everyone to come to Him.

Yet it seems God chose just the opposite. He was born to a socially insignificant young girl engaged to a simple Jewish carpenter. He was born in a small town in Israel, a country that was only one among many nations ruled by the powerful Roman Empire. And if these conditions of His birth weren’t humble enough, He wasn’t even born in a proper house. He was born in close quarters to the cows and sheep in a stable.

These conditions don’t seem to be a proper birth for the Savior of the world. Yet God planned it just this way. Jesus himself would say that He was not sent to be served, but to serve (Matthew 20:28). He never exalted Himself or strived for a social position. Born in humility, he grew up, gathered a small group of followers, and changed the world forever. Let Him humbly change you.

Lord, may I follow the example of Jesus. May I learn what it means to live in true humility so I can, with your help, change lives by guiding them to you. Amen.

Go Deeper — This season, read through one of the gospel accounts of Jesus’ life on earth (Matthew, Mark, Luke or John). Take note of the humility of Jesus and consider the ways we could all cultivate the same attitude.

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Photo Credit: Sweta Meininger