I grieved for the hardship I faced, yet as I helped prepare the charity event, I was filled with peace. Some people who’d never normally step foot in a church would come to this event and be exposed to living testimonies of how God worked in people’s lives. That’s what I had to focus on. Slowly, joy returned — the supernatural kind since my circumstances had not changed. Tears flowed, but my heart was content.

Often times, scripture verses appear out of context on social media which portray the goodness of God. They can leave the impression that being blessed is all Jesus’ message boils down to. But the truth is, life is hard, and though God has a good plan for us, His word clearly lets us know it won’t be all roses and blue skies.

Yet, God has a provision prepared for us to help us endure through the hardships. He has supernatural joy for our souls. We can receive it by reminding ourselves of the cause we are standing for and the choice we have made.

If you are going through hardship, take heart. You are not alone my sister, my brother. There are faithful people around you that can relate and help you through it. All the while, God is working miracles in you and through you. From ashes to beauty is what He promises.

My Lord, my God. My heart aches and my soul is crushed. I want to keep on running this race of faith. Send me people to share this with, and help me to be aware of your goodness in the midst of trials. Help me recognize the joy and honor to participate in the sufferings of Christ. Amen.

Go deeper—Talk to someone whom you know to be wise and willing to support you. We were never made to do this alone. In the end, God is the one caring for our deepest needs. Yet, He often uses other people to do so.

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