“Moses built an altar and called it The LORD is my Banner”. Exodus 17:15

When you entrust your life into God’s hands, the LORD declares over you that He is the one who rescues you, protects you, defends and honors you. He is like a Banner flying over you.

The Lord watches over you and never falls asleep on the job. When you feel anxious and frazzled He is there, never growing tired or weary.

The Lord, as your Banner, declares over you that He is yours and you are His. Stop and ponder that for a moment. He is yours. All His power is available to you as you navigate life’s challenges, depending on His guidance. In the heat of the circumstances He provides shade as you trust Him to strengthen you.

You are His. He sees all your comings and goings and watches over you. Even today He is aware of every place your feet will go and He walks with you. You do not walk alone. Trust His presence and feel His love.

He never lies. He is the God who comes and will not be silent! Listen for Him. Watch for Him. He avenges, guards, keeps and preserves you. Remember none of these things are dependent upon you. You will fall far short in being all you want to be yet God never comes up lacking as He works for you and in you.

This is what is written over you today. Rest in the fact that the LORD, your Banner, is over you in every step you take today.

Thank you, Lord God for this amazing picture of what You are in and over my life even now. I stand in awe. Help my trust to grow as I ponder the Banner You are over me today. In the strong name of Jesus I pray. Amen.

Take Action

Read all the names of God (with the corresponding scriptures) and be encouraged by who God is in your life.