When Jesus sets us free from our sin, He’s the hero of the story.

The breath-taking strategy of Christ coming to earth as a helpless infant, the unbelievable action of forgiveness through the horrors of the cross, and the completed rescue of redemption through the resurrection are all His.

He has more generosity than we could ever imagine. He has an unlimited capacity for immeasurable grace. He lavishes it on us with incalculable wisdom and insight. Freely.

Imagine - He takes the worst in us and gives us the best in Christ! We have nothing which we did not receive from Him (1 Corinthians 4:7). When we do receive His grace, He gives us more (John 1:16).

Now we are on the hero’s team. We have been reborn for a purpose, by His grace, and He has work for us to do. We are told to do everything for Him, thanking Him while we do it.

In fact we can do nothing without Him (John 15:4). The truth is we are not redeemed to show off for Him. We are redeemed to show Him off, to the praise of His glorious grace.

As His sons and daughters, our purpose is to reflect the light, which He gives us, back on Him. When it’s time for the credits to roll, we reveal the truth: “It’s not because of me. It’s all about Jesus. He gives me His grace.”

And the glory of the Lord’s grace will shine around.

I thank you, God, that I have received the exceeding wealth of your grace and kindness and power through Jesus. Thank you for the way you chose me in love, the way you completely accept me. Thank you that there is no scarcity of love and forgiveness for me. Thank you that you are pleased to pour out the abundance of your grace on me. I offer praise to you now for your glorious, glorious grace. Amen.

Go Deeper — How will you live today, knowing that you are fully forgiven and loved? How will it change your interactions with others as you continue to receive His abundant, unlimited grace?

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