“If the household be too little for the lamb…” Exodus 12:4 KJV

Let’s turn that around. The Lamb is big enough to share.

When God initiated the first Passover, He unleashed the Death Angel as the last plague on Egypt. To save His people, He instructed each family to take a spotless, year-old male lamb into their homes.

Following God’s instructions, they were to kill the lamb, save the blood in a basin, and then, with a bunch of hyssop, dip it into the blood and smear it on the top and both sides of the doorframe.

Safe, protected by the blood. The smeared blood was a sign for the Death Angel to pass over that dwelling, as a sign of salvation from death to life.

This blood is now the blood of the Lamb of God, smeared on the entrance of our heart’s home. And that precious, spilled blood is our salvation from death to life. Jesus said that anyone who hears His word and believes in Him has eternal life and will not be condemned, for he has crossed over from death to life. He is our Eternal Passover.

After taking this Lamb into our heart, are we guilty of selfishly hoarding salvation? Or do we share this great salvation with others?

Jesus died for all. One Lamb for all. To be shared.

Have you shared this Lamb of salvation? Or is your Lamb too little?

Lord, may the Lamb I have received be so big within me that I desire to share His salvation with others. Amen! 

Take Action

Share the Lamb with someone this week. For some extra tips or encouragement, check out this series, Share Your Faith.

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