Recently, an event left me grappling with a question that I think has become a rite of passage for the Christian sojourner. “How could God allow this to happen? Is God really good all the time? If so, why did he allow X, Y, and Z?

My heart in tatters at the shock of a tragedy that struck close to home, I fought with the Lord,seeking answers to calm the confusion and hurt in my heart. “Lord, if you are good,” I prayed, “why didn’t you stop it?”

The answer? Because we live in a fallen world, and in this world, we will have trials and tribulations, some of which won’t end in our favor. But is that God’s fault? No. He knows the beginning and the end of each of our lives and while yes, he could intervene, there are times where he wont. Why? Because there is a greater purpose at work that we cannot see.

Through the nights I wrestled with my Creator, here are the answers I found to my question(s):

1 - He’s sufficient: No matter what is taken from us in life, he will never not be enough (Ps. 23:1).

2 - He’s compassionate: Sometimes the most compassionate choice is not the most comfortable one, but in that, we must trust (Isa. 49:13).

3 - He is always good: Even when the fire of pain and suffering strikes us or those around us, he is still working in their lives and bringing them and others closer to him. For everything, there is a purpose (Gen. 50:20).

Father, I pray for all the Christians around me today who are struggling to understand the reasons you are allowing difficulties or tragedies to strike. Help them draw near to you with open, listening hearts willing to learn from you and trust in you despite their questions.

Throughout This Day: Continue to thank God for his perfect wisdom, power, love and goodness; everything he allows in our life can help us draw closer to him and become more like Jesus (Romans 8.28-29).

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