They say there is strength in numbers. Today, people often find community through social media. It is where they connect and converse. But it can become superficial and only go skin deep. Often, the inner being isn’t even grazed, and people feel isolated no matter how many friends “like” them on the internet. They thirst for something more.

God’s desire is to enrich us with His presence. Through His Word, His Spirit strengthens our faith down to our very core. Sharing with others how He is working richly in our lives is an important part of remaining strong in faith. The internet is a powerful conduit for community, especially if the power of the Holy Spirit is allowed to flow through it.

Think of a garden hose. It becomes taut and firm once water is flowing through its core. In the same way, when the Holy Spirit flows through us we are strengthened. But we can’t keep the water inside. It has to flow out into a thirsty world, refreshing people with the Living Water of the Word to help strengthen them. Without water, we become weak.

God’s glorious riches are found in His Word. One way to connect to others and help strengthen their inner being is to share devotionals like these on social media or by forwarding them in emails. By sharing what God is teaching you, you’ll wet their appetite for God’s love and quench their thirst for community. Doing so will strengthen your faith and provide a richer internet experience for others.

Father God, we know your glorious riches of grace and mercy flow through your Word, by the power of the Holy Spirit, to strengthen our lives. Help us to strengthen others as well by being the garden hose to a thirsty world where so many are now interacting online. Amen.

Go Deeper – Share a Scripture passage or a thought that hit you from a devotional. Start a conversation, create a buzz. Help others find God’s richness through His Word so His Spirit can strengthen their faith.

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