Injustice isn’t supposed to happen. God is not its author. All his works are just. Not even a trace of injustice can be found in him (Deuteronomy 32:4).

Injustice is man’s doing. And there’s a lot of folks “doing injustice” these days. It’s downright depressing. So how should we respond when it seems justice is failing?

The Bible reports numerous accounts of injustice. One of the most disheartening accounts occurs in Matthew 14, which describes how John the Baptist became one of its victims. Angry with John's confrontation of her and her husband, Herod, Herodias exacted revenge by calling for John’s head to be presented on a platter. John courageously told the truth, and for this, the sword of injustice took his life.

Although John’s death was detestable, in the end, injustice did not win. John knew the time would come when Jesus would take over the work. When Jesus uttered those three words on the cross — it is finished — the greatest injustice in the world was stopped dead in its tracks. Although it didn’t look like a victory at the time, three days later, the empty tomb undoubtedly proclaimed that injustice would never again be the final word.

God made the world to run on justice, and he will redeem every deviation from it. Today, when facing injustice, we don’t have to let it consume us. Trust a just God to turn every wrong into right.

Father God, we give you praise because you are just and good. Please help us trust you when confronted with injustice. Let us never forget there is no evil that can overcome your plan and purpose. Amen.

Go Deeper — How do you respond to injustice? What would you tell a person who wonders if God even cares anymore?

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Photo Credit: Clay Banks