I admit it. Even as a writer and lover of words, I had to look this one up. Wikipedia describes the incorporeality attribute of God in this way — “The incorporeality or spirituality of God refers to him being a Spirit.”

In other words, after Jesus ascended into heaven, he didn’t leave his disciples, which includes believers today, stranded. When we invite Jesus to rule over our hearts, we invite his Spirit to dwell inside of us. Now, maybe tongues of fire won’t dance on our heads, but there may be a glow about us that others recognize.

I recall the day an atheist in college whom I had befriended pointed to my heart and admitted,“You almost make me believe there is a god and he is in there somewhere.” Not that I was holy, far from it. It was because God is. His peace shined through me.

Each of the disciples had fallen short. Each had fumbled the ball. But Jesus used them anyway; and he can enter into our souls and use us as well.

Today many churches celebrate what happened in Acts 2. The Day of Pentecost is traditionally celebrated fifty days after Resurrection or Easter Sunday. It’s worth celebrating because now we don’t have to be alone or powerless over evil. Holiness is the goal, and we will win in this game called life with the Holy Spirit as our indwelling coach.

Come Holy Spirit and live in me. Guide me, correct me, and bring me your peace. Let others see you shining in my life and be drawn to our Savior. Amen.

Go Deeper — Get a flashlight, turn it on, and put it up to your chin. Look in the mirror. Okay, you can laugh at the eerie glow. But imagine the Holy Spirit shining in you. Do others notice it, too?

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Photo Credit: Porapak Apichodilok