The morning sun peeked through the slats in my window blinds and landed on one of my potted plants. The leaves became almost transparent. I could see the veins, as if they were being X-rayed. Each vein not only provides nourishment and strength to the leaf but also helps to define its shape.

Are we not the same when Christ, the Light of the world, lives in us? His mercy and goodness shape us. His Word flows through us to strengthen us and nourish us. When Jesus’ light shines through our words, thoughts, and deeds, people see him in us. We almost become transparent.

There is something else I have noticed. If I let any dust settle on the plant leaves, the sunlight does not filter through as well. That hurts the plant and can prevent its leaves from growing strong and green. It may droop or wither.

If we let the dust and dirt of the world settle on us, it can dim Christ’s influence. We can droop under the weight and not receive the light we need daily. It can accumulate on us over time to where very little of Christ is shining through us.

It is important that we are regularly cleansed of our sins so we can shine brightly and attract others to his love. Then, what he is doing inside of us will not be in vain; rather, veins of mercy, grace, and love that strengthen and shape us will be easily seen by others.

Lord, cleanse me of the dirt from the world that settles on me each day. Help me to see your light and know you better and understand your love so that I can be free from the stains of the world and shine your light in every circumstance. Shine through me so that others may see you in me and desire to know you. Amen.

Throughout This Day: Invite Christ to shine through you and to reveal any dust that might be settling on you.

Tags: Daily Devotional Luke 11
Photo Credit: Timothy Eberly on Unsplash