My wife asked, “Do you really think you should do it?” I had been sick for two days but, in my optimism, I thought I could still compete. I had successfully completed the same triathlon two years earlier.

Swimming was first, my least favorite event. Warming up and chatting with others gave me a boost of energy. Then the gun rang out, but very quickly I realized my energy was not matching my ambition. I alerted a race official in a kayak that I was not feeling good. At the first corner maker, I realized I was not just feeling bad, I was in danger. I called for help, which lead to some focused attention from the emergency medical staff.

We are commanded to meet with other believers — to encourage one another through love and good deeds. God’s commands are for two main reasons: to protect us and provide for us. In Genesis 2:18 God said it wasn’t good for Adam to be alone, so he created Eve. Today, God has created a community of believers because it is still not good for “Adam” to be alone.

I did not listen to my wife or to my body; I was, on the other hand, inspired by the other athletes. Spiritually we need the combination of both inspiration and wisdom. Inspiration motivates us to take steps of faith. Wisdom helps us know when and how to move forward. None of this happens in isolation. We place ourselves in danger when we neglect God’s commands.

Father, help me understand the danger of not responding to your command to seek the company of others that love you. God, give me the humility to both give and receive love and good deeds and to embrace not only the inspiration but the wisdom to do your will. Amen.

Today's Challenge: Ask yourself three questions: are you willing to accept the truth that it is not good to be alone? Are you seeking wisdom (listening) and inspiration from the example of others? Are you a receiver and a giver of love and good deeds?

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Photo Credit: Tom Parsons on Unsplash