Anger, bitterness, profanity. One or all three of these indiscretions have been a part of my life for the past several months. Just when I think one has succumbed to being tamed, another emerges and internal forces once again collide.

Believing my own dreams had been dismantled, I allowed myself to take on a posture of indignation. I never wanted to enter into that place but I couldn't seem to connect with anything that made sense of my disappointment outside of the anger, bitterness, and cursing. However, the more I determined to pray against the unsavory onslaught, the more I could feel a ray of hope break through my pain. A hope showing perfection meeting with the imperfect — Jesus showing up in the folds of this broken individual.

Today's verse contains one of the greatest promises I could ever hope to receive. That no matter how many times I falter in being Christ-like, the ultimate victory in the form of perfection will someday be mine. That welcome relief gives me renewed strength to keep fighting against the internal forces that try to thwart me.

In life, hurt, heartbreak, and discouragement seem to outweigh our ability to cope with the subsequent fallout that comes. Things we hoped would be no longer exist and our once calm disposition begins to unravel. As followers of Jesus, we have this powerful verse which gives us the increased fervor to soldier on through our humanity. May we keep our gaze fixed on things of heaven when the going gets tough.

Perfect Jesus, I know I'm not perfect but that I will be when I'm with you in heaven. Thank you for this promise to hold on to. That no matter how many times I mess up here on earth, it doesn't define how things will be in eternity. I'm very grateful for that. In the meantime, please help me to be as Christ-like as possible until I see you face to face. It's in your name I pray. Amen.

Go Deeper — Pick up a pencil and notice the eraser. Let it remind you that we are all human and make mistakes. But when we confess, Jesus erases that and helps to set us back on the right path again.

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Photo Credit: Danielle MacInnis